Michael Rehfeld

Message From CEO


Intrusion Technologies was founded in 2013 under the shadow of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Attack. Our company is dedicated to the principle that “Every Second Saves Lives©” in Active Assailant events. The primary objective of our team is to reduce the vulnerabilities of people and the consequences in occupancies from the growing occurrence of attacks on innocent lives. It is widely known that the average time of these events is 4 to 11 minutes. Most casualties occur within the first 3 minutes of an event. Armed response to the attack takes more than 4 minutes on average. Therefore, to save lives, there must be a system in place to stop the access and notify the occupants in seconds. Our company has developed and patented that system.

By utilizing open architecture with emerging technologies, we believe we can eliminate and/or reduce the number of victims during an attack. Our unique AIMS® Platform coupled with leading edge training is a proven strategy for saving lives. By rapid detection, immediate notification and surveillance, instantaneous safe-room activation, and a responder interactive capability not only do we reduce the time the attacker(s) have to carry out their attack, we reduce the access to potential victims! This strategic response acts in mere seconds, saving lives.

We are dedicated to the premise that by reducing the vulnerability of occupants, we can significantly reduce the consequences of any violent attack. It has been proven time and again that total prevention is an unrealistic approach. Our team is focused on the reality that saving lives results from reducing the timeline of an attack to the fewest seconds possible. As the next attack tactic always changes, so must the strategies and technologies to address the emerging threats.