A Life Safety Systems Provider.

Providing customized solutions to protect people from violent events.

Scope of the System

AIMS® (Active Intruder Mitigation System) is a comprehensive customizable patented Life Safety platform. The Platform incorporates open architecture components that when activated immediately reduce the consequences of mass violence. AIMS® when installed activates in seconds reducing or eliminating the injuries and deaths from an active assailant. The Platform is a resiliently zoned system; meaning that each zone can function independently of the other. So, if one zone were damaged by a device or tampering, the other zones still function. AIMS® Platform offers 3 levels of protection.


  • Activation Stations throughout the facility
  • Acoustical Detection
  • Gunshot Detection
  • Command Console Activation
  • Remote Activation by authorized users


  • LED Light Tree
  • Audible Siren in common areas
  • Voice Command Modules in the saferooms
  • Command Console notification
  • Email/Text Notification
  • Responder Notification
  • Actionable Intel to the responding forces

Intruder Deterrence

  • Magnetic Door Holders release
  • 1200lb Magnetic Door Locks
  • Emergency push to exit activation
  • Responder defeat component
  • 3M Safety Film for glass breach protection
  • Integration for Access Control Systems (w/Crisis Mode functionality)
  • Optional Disorienting Fog Component

Web-enabled control and monitoring

  • Access Anywhere / Anytime
  • Full system control capabilities
  • Monitor system status and cameras
  • Security roles / rights management
  • Free-form 911 center messaging
  • Dynamic interactive floor plan

The AIMS Difference