Intrusion Technologies A Life Safety Systems Provider .

Providing customized solutions to protect people from violent events.

Founding Story

Intrusion Technologies LLC was founded by a group of public safety professionals in 2013 in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The founders all had a belief that there had to be a way to address these incidents before more lives were lost.

Active shooter events continue at a mind-numbing pace; these events involve K-12 schools, universities, government offices, and private businesses. In very recent history, these difficult-to-predict violent events have led to hundreds of deaths and injuries, leaving communities all across our nation stunned and wondering what could have been done to stop the carnage.

The co-founders of Intrusion Technologies collectively have over a century of law enforcement and fire service public safety experience, including commanding special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams, hazardous materials teams, and emergency medical services (EMS) teams.

The founding partners believe that a comprehensive life safety system, based on current and proprietary technology, could prevent the massive loss of life associated with intrusion attacks by persons with malicious intents in schools and similar-type facilities.

Intrusion Technologies’ founders have a unique point of view, crafted over decades in public safety, and they have channeled all of that knowledge and experience into victim-initiated mitigation products and services available to protect your facility. Contact us today and find out more about automated initiated mitigation options for your facility.


David Cianfarini

Vice President - Research & Development

David Cianfarini is a Partner and Vice President of Research and Development for Intrusion Technologies. David has over 34 years of experience in the Information Technology field, and founded The Spark Group, Inc. in 1997, with core competencies in all aspects of systems software design and architecture, infrastructure design and architecture, applications software development, and business consulting.

Dave Cianfarini has worked for and provided services to clients in the Public Safety, Technology, Health Care, Finance, Insurance, Automotive, and Defense industry sectors. His initial work in the Public Safety sector began in 2009 when he designed and developed a Fire Station Alerting system (FAST) which is currently installed and operational in fire stations across the United States. David’s work in the Public Safety sector has sparked his growing interest in developing leading-edge technologies to protect and save lives. Dave Cianfarini is focused on researching and designing new, innovative solutions to compliment our Active Intruder Mitigation System (AIMS) and also help with strategic direction. Email Dave Cianfarini

David Baird

Vice President - Business Development

David Baird is a Partner and Vice President of Business Development for Intrusion Technologies. In this role, he is responsible for marketing strategy/ execution, direct and channel partner sales and key client relationships. In addition, he advises the company on capital strategies and strategic alliances.

David has more than 33 years experience at a senior management level in the commercial real estate consulting, brokerage and development industry, and is a recognized market leader in the representation of corporate and institutional occupiers, investors and developers. He has represented Fortune 500 companies and public sector entities alike in complex development and investment transactions, both in the US and abroad, helping them to optimize their facility needs. His unique perspective on workplace/work-space trends, facility design and construction enables the Intrusion Technologies team to deliver customized, high-value solutions to clients looking to protect their most valuable assets- their people. Email David Baird or Chris Rohrer